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Red-haired Escorts – Manchester Companions Ladies in Red


Ah!!! Redheads lovely redheads! Is there anything more lovely than a natural red-haired lady? They certainly always spark a lot of interest and intrigue so we think you will agree that there is something just a little bit extra special about those ladies with fiery red in their hair. You may or may not know already that red heads are pretty rare beings; estimates place the worlds red head population at around just 2%, which is a real shame considering red-haired ladies tendency to be captivating, alluring and naturally beautiful. This fact is proven by many gorgeous A list celebrities of course, for example Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Isla Fisher to name but a few. We can’t promise you A list celebrities here at Manchester Companions but what we do have is a selection of Gorgeous Red-Haired Escorts just waiting to meet you. They are all different in their styles and personalities but what they share is a warmth, tenderness and a willingness to please.


Now, we are sure you are aware that red heads are known for having a feisty, fiery and hot headed temperament but we must ask, are these labels fairly justified? Do we need to have a warning sign on our Red haired Escort Section of the site?! In fact, we have certainly not seen those traits in any of our Lovely Redhead Escorts. What we have seen though is passion, in abundance, sensitivity and redheads with a great outlook on life and an inner spirit. Did we mention passion? All the right qualities that are so appealing in a lady and that make her the perfect companion. However, you may like a lady who takes charge now and again and is not afraid to release her inner ‘Queen Feist’ and why not too. Some more interesting facts for you, the most common eye colour for a natural red head is brown. Now, if you see a red head with blue eyes, this is an incredibly rare occurrence indeed but perhaps it’s because they are so rare; only 2% of the population remember that makes them so alluring, so tempting and incredibly enticing. Also, interestingly red heads are more likely to be left handed. Apparently, recessive traits often happen in pairs. So, often individuals carrying the gene for red hair will also possess the trait for left-handedness. So, you will have to spot which hand your Red Headed Vixen Escort reaches for your hand with, will it be her right or left? I doubt as if you will be bothered when she takes you in her arms!


We are as proud as punch to introduce you to and showcase our delightful Red Haired Escorts. They all have rich, thick and sexy red hair that only enhances and complements their natural good looks. We feel very lucky indeed to have a Sexy Red Haired Team Of Escorts and we know that you will be too. Cheers to all the sexy redheads.