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Are you a gentleman who is tempted by the glossy, soft and sultry tones of a Brunette Haired Escort? Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that attracts you to them and do you except the portrayed stereotypical traits of a brunette lady?


In popular culture, ladies with brunette tresses are portrayed as stable, intelligent, career focused and sophisticated. A British study into hair colour and intensity of attraction found that 62% of the men participating in the study associated brunette women with stability and competence. (Wikipedia “Why gentlemen no longer prefer blondes”. Daily Mail. London. 4 September 2005). Another survey conducted by Men’s Health magazine concluded that men find brunettes to be more reliable and more steady that their fairer counterparts.


This is high praise indeed and certainly admirable qualities that any lady would be happy to possess, but here at Manchester Companions we think a lady with a cocoa – coloured barnet has lots more to offer a gentleman than competence and intelligence. After all, when you are seeking exceptional companionship for the evening, you are wanting a lady to tick all your boxes.


The Brunette Escorts here at MC are very varied in terms of their ages, figures, styles and personalities. Some are young and carefree, happy go lucky and full of life. Some are more mature, calm and poised, serene and classy. However, what they share is an excitement and zest for all things fun, passionate and provocative. They love nothing more than getting dressed up, applying their makeup, styling their brunette tresses and slipping into their sexy heels to come and spend some time with you. They are exceptional companions who know what it takes to make you feel good. They are seductive and stimulating, fun and flirtatious. They are sexy temptresses who know how to push your buttons and give you ultimate pleasure. So, if you fancy ‘getting down with brown’ you have come to the right place.  You will find that we have a Beautiful Brunette Escort just waiting to caress, soothe, entertain you and give you a night of unadulterated pleasure. We say hoorah for our Sexy Brunette Escorts.